We published our strategy so others can build similar spaces for startup communities.

Factory is a network of spaces built to support entrepreneurs and foster innovation.

Our Vision is a more promising future driven by entrepreneurs.

(Excerpt from “What is Factory?”, page 6)

Ten Concrete Commandments

We live and operate by these basic rules

Curating Interfaces

The key to empowering a global network of entrepreneurs and innovators lies in building bridges across disconnected verticals and cultures. Established industry, politics and academia have difficulties connecting with the startup world and building lasting relationships. As a physical space, Factory forms an interface between these verticals - tying the network together and creating long-term impact on the ecosystem itself.

(Excerpt from “Curating Interfaces”, page 20)


The voices of entrepreneurs are often not heard by politicians and their expertise is not considered when forming policy, thus preventing innovation and growth. Politicians mostly think within their respective national context.

Factory is an interface between startups and government, providing a platform for both politicians and entrepreneurs to interact with one another. The focus is to improve the legal framework for startups, derive data from early-stage to help politicians make smarter decisions, while showcasing both the success stories and failures within the international tech community


Traditional industries and large corporations are increasingly aware of the necessity of digital innovation to stay competitive in their markets. Hence they are seeking to engage with disruptive startups, but their corporate culture and complex structures are often at odds with that of a startup, making it all the more difficult to find synergies. In order to approach startups successfully, corporations need local partners with the right network, experience, and cultural understanding.

Factory is an ideal partner for corporations that are trying to understand the startup language. We connect the best local startups looking for investment, acquisition, and procurement opportunities to the industry in search of innovation through custom tailored events and content programming.


The cultures of entrepreneurs and academics can be diametric opposites with regards to approach and intention. There is a tremendous amount of unleashed potential in the world of researchers and academics for products and businesses; just as there is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage academic research. Both sides have something to gain from tapping this potential.

Factory provides an excellent platform for entrepreneurs and academics to interact. It is our mission for both sides to gain awareness of that potential and to develop a continuous flow of information and data in both directions. We regularly engage with local and international universities, research institutes and think tanks to connect them with our community of entrepreneurs and create relevant presence on location for researchers.

The Six Elements

There are six core elements that make up a successful Factory location. Every location will have a slightly different team structure to cope with these depending on the people, the building and the local ecosystem.

(Excerpt from "The Six Elements", page 22)


Events are integral in bringing the online world offline - where personal relationships are still the driving force in a startup’s success.

Element 5: Events

Events tie the network together - they drive community and create a buzz at each location. You will be surprised what can happen when you put beer and music in the corner of a room and invite the startup ecosystem. External third parties want to host an event at a Factory location because of this magic. When it comes to building a buzz around an event location it is important to strike a balance between organizing quality grassroots meetups and supporting larger commercial events.

Excerpt from "Element 5: Events", page 33


"Managing the community" is an antagonism.
You have to become a part of the community, and engage at eye level in order to create the framework for serendipity to take place.

Element 1: Community

One of the most important aspects in any Factory is the community. Everything we do should be to help our residents first. Hence, we value how we treat our community, who we call friends and family, and make this an integral component of our company culture.

Factory has a very high standard of access, meaning only the best early stage startups, experienced local heroes and international tech companies form our community. Choosing the companies we accept and those we reject is not hard - in the first couple of minutes of meeting the founders it will be clear whether or not they are aligned with our values and vision:

Excerpt from "Element 1: Community", page 24